The SE^2 manifesto

Provide the systems engineer the means to state the system problems comprehensively, to ensure that all requirements for a system are satisfied throughout the life cycle of the system and to develop a model on the basis of which a real system can be built, developed or deployed (i.e. design a system) (W. Wymore, Model-Based Systems Engineering 1993)

Concrete Goals

  • Provide examples of SysML, common modelling problems and approaches
  • Build a comprehensive model which serves as the basis for providing different views to different engineering aspects (e.g. system, logical, mechanical, control) and subsequent activities of analysis and design alike.
  • Demonstrate that SysML is an effective means to define common concepts (requirement types, interfaces, relationships, etc).
  • Demonstrate that a SysML model enhances traceability between requirements, design and verification/validation.